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Multicoloured Soft Play Set

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Suitable For

Children under 7, boys and girls

Paul Rider
We will recommend you to everyone we know
Sue Cooper
The kids had such a lovely time, thank you
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Product Description

Multicoloured Soft Play Set

This lovely multicoloured soft play package is ideal for under 7’s. It’s colourful and eye catching suitable for both boys and girls.


The soft play shapes are great for the little ones to build with, climb over and crawl around, whilst velcro safety mats make it a nice soft area for them to enjoy. The soft play ball pool with 500 balls is always a keen favourite.


The ride on didi cars and animal hoppers can be a colour of your choice either blue/green or pink/purple to suit your little ones.


Please note we can create a bigger soft play set up, as well as add extra items or even a bouncy castle.


Included In Party Package


18 Soft play pieces4 x Ride on didi carsToddler slideMulticoloured soft play ball pool4 x Animal hoppers4 x Hula hoopsVelcro safety mats


Space required: 15ft x 16ft.



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